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Managing Bookings

Setting listings as unavaliable

Vehicles are automatically unavailable on dates with booked trips.

  • Other guests will not be able to request, book, or extend the trip for those dates.
  • As a host, you can not change availability for dates with booked trips.

Messaging a guest

Make use of our chat system to respond to concerns from customers regarding your car, and Tuuggo’s policies, provide directions, communicate pick-up and drop-off details, provide pictures, or talk about trip issues.

Note: Keep every message between you and your guests in Tuuggo’s chat system in order to ensure our support staff has a record of it in case any disagreements or disputes arise.

Reading messages from guests

A guest can message you at anytime. View the messages left by guests in your inbox and respond to them as quickly as you can. If you agree with the booked trip without responding to a certain question or if the response you provide is not what the guest is seeking, guests may cancel the trip

Sending guests messages

Select the trip for the guest you would like to reach by opening the host tab for trips. To begin or open a communication thread, tap “Contact guest”.

Sending photos

You can choose to send pictures to a guest in Tuuggo’s chat system. Select photos from your phone’s gallery or computer, or take new pictures to upload. You can send a screenshot of a map, show guests precisely where to pick up or drop off your car, or guide them through a car feature.

Making trip changes

Trip adjustments can be discussed via texting between you and your guest, but they must be submitted through Tuuggo. Agreements to change a trip made solely via our chat are invalid because Tuuggo will not have a record of the modification.

Checking in and out with a guest

Yet to be written

Yet to be written.

Cancelling & Refunds

Host cancellation and host no-shows

If a host needs or wants to cancel a scheduled trip, we advise them to tell the guest as quickly as possible via Tuuggo messaging. The cancellation must then be processed through the Tuuggo website or app. The cancellation is instantaneous, and the guest receives a full refund. 

Host cancellations
If a trip is canceled less than 24 hours before it begins, the host will be charged a €50 fee. If they cancel between 24-48 hours before the trip, they will be charged €25. Hosts who cancel trips on a regular basis may face extra penalties, including removal from the marketplace.

Host no-show

A host no-show occurs when a host fails to cancel and fails to appear for the trip within 30 minutes of the trip’s planned start time. Failure to show up for a trip can result in a €150 fine.

Cancelations by guests and guest no-shows

Trips canceled by guests outside the free cancellation period

If the trip is more than 2 days, then the host will be paid one full day’s average trip price.
If the trip is less than 2 days, then the host will be paid half of one full day’s average trip price.

If a guest fails to cancel and doesn’t show up for the trip within 30 minutes of the trip’s scheduled start time, it’s a guest no-show or if a guest shows up to a trip with no license, with an invalid license, or who sends an additional driver in their place is a guest no-show.

Guest no-shows

If the trip is more than 2 days, then the host will be paid one (or two if the trip is more than 4 days) full day’s average trip price.
If the trip is less than 2 days, then the host will be paid half of one full day’s average trip price.
Handling fees will not be refunded.


All no-shows must be reported by hosts within 72 hours of the trip’s start. If a guest informs us that they will not be there and you do not disclose the no-show to us, we will not award you profits for that trip. We may also impose a fine.


Exceptions to host earnings for trips canceled outside of the free period and guest no-shows may occur in the case of a flight delay or cancellation. Physical or digital evidence of such has to be presented to us to evaluate the particular situation (see below).

Trip cancellation by Tuuggo

If the trip is more than 2 days, then the host will be paid one full day’s average trip price.
If the trip is less than 2 days, then the host will be paid half of one full day’s average trip price.
When Tuuggo is forced to cancel a trip less than 24 hours prior to start owing to a guest verification issue, the host will be compensated in accordance with the parameters outlined above. The host will not be eligible for earnings if the Tuuggo cancellation is made more than 24 hours before the trip starts or within one hour of booking for trips booked less than 25 hours before the trip starts.

Protection plans and other extras 

Protection plan costs, half of any delivery fee, and any extras are always refunded to the host if the trip is canceled by Tuuggo, or if the guest fails to show up for the trip.

Handling fees

Handling fees are never refunded to guests or to hosts.

Host trips impacted by guest flight delay, flight cancellation, or lost baggage

If a guest’s flight is delayed or canceled, or if their luggage is missing, they must notify their host and seek a trip adjustment for a new departure time. We anticipate that the host will make a good-faith attempt to accommodate a new trip departure time.

In Tuuggo messaging, the host must record their attempt to accommodate a revised journey start time. If the host is unable or unwilling to accept a revised start time and the trip must be canceled, the host will not be paid for the trip. If the host makes a good faith attempt to reschedule the trip, but both the guest and the host are unable to agree on a reasonable trip modification and the trip must be canceled, Tuuggo will pay the host earnings as if the guest did not show up (see above).

For more detailed information, visit our Cancellation policy.

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