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Take a look under the hood of Portugal’s leading car sharing marketplace

Who are we?

At Tuuggo, we’re your ticket to an epic road trip, right at your fingertips! We’re a dynamic team of young entrepreneurs with a shared passion for cars and the sharing economy. ✨

Our mission is to bring value to the community, not just being a way of transportation. We’re all about sharing unforgettable adventures on wheels. Think of us as the ultimate matchmaker, connecting awesome car owners with eager explorers, one ride at a time. 🚗

It’s not just about transportation; it’s about experiencing the thrill of new destinations, making friends along the way, and giving the planet a green high-five. 🌍🤝 So, welcome to Tuuggo, where the journey is the destination! 🛣️🌴


Our mission is to provide freedom to our users. 🌟

We want to provide quick and affordable car rentals while promoting local economic and environmental sustainability. 🚗🌿

By choosing Tuuggo, you’re not only enjoying convenience and affordability but also actively contributing to a greener and more prosperous future for your community and the planet. Join us in driving positive change today. 🌍💚

We make the
World Greener

Did you know that your car is parked about 95% of the time? This inefficiency results in significant environmental consequences. 🚗🌿

And did you also know that large car rental companies buy new cars every two years? That contributes to increased manufacturing emissions and waste disposal. 🏭🌎

In contrast, car-sharing optimizes vehicle usage by connecting users with available cars when needed, minimizing parked unused time. 

This approach extends the lifespan of vehicles, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering the associated environmental impact. 🚙♻️

Tuuggo promotes efficiency, sustainability, and a greener transportation ecosystem by making better use of existing vehicles. 🌟🌍

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Meet the Founders

Discover the visionaries fueling Tuuggo’s mission to revolutionize car sharing and promote a more sustainable, eco-conscious future.

Diogo Pita


Mechanical Engineer
I’m a car lover with a passion for innovation and helping others navigate their journey on the road of life. From tinkering with engines to steering towards sustainable mobility, I’m all about the ride!


Carlos Fernandes


Medical Doctor
A Doctor with a need for speed. When I’m not saving lives, you can find me on the road, exploring new horizons. From diagnosing patients to prescribing sustainable solutions, I’m all about the journey towards greener living!


Vasco Morais


Mechanical Engineer
I’m a devoted automobile enthusiast, driven by engineering and dedicated to assisting others on their life’s highways. Whether it’s experimenting with mechanics or being sustainable, I’m entirely geared towards the journey.


Our Mentors & Advisors

Meet the experienced mentors & advisors guiding Tuuggo’s journey towards success!

Riccardo Kunze

Tesla | Master of FinTech


Régy Bergen

Growth Advisor


Emely Andrade

VP JPM | Finance


Rui Bernardo

Software Engineer | Tech


Fábio Alves

CEO | Master of Marketplaces



Tuuggo’s team in SBC’s headquarters

Did you know?

The cars you own…

Are unused 95% of the time

Most cars sit unused for 95% of the time. Do not let yours be one of them.
Unlock the full potential of your unused car!

Cost € 4k/year to maintain

Debt payments, insurance, taxes, inspection, fuel, tolls, repairs, the list goes on and it all adds up!

Depreciate 60% in 5 years

New cars depreciate by 60% in just 5 years. Put your car to work and save it from depreciation!

Build your own car rental business

List your car

Car rentals are…

Expensive & Not Honest

Fed up with costly and unclear car rental services? Explore better, budget-friendly alternatives

Centralized & Unsustainable

Looking for eco-friendly options in place of centralized car rentals? Discover sustainable solutions.

Tedious & Bureaucratic

Done with tedious waiting and paperwork at rental counters? Find quicker and more efficient options for your travel needs.

While Tuuggo is..

Cheaper & Transparent

Tuuggo offers cheaper rates and full transparency, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Say goodbye to hidden fees and unexpected costs.

De-centralized & Sustainable

We’ve decentralized car rental by connecting you directly with local car owners, promoting sustainability, and giving you more options to choose from.

Quick and Convenient

Experience the convenience of Tuuggo – book a car instantly, skip the lines, and enjoy a seamless journey from start to finish.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5


“I have rented a lovely Wolkswagen Beatle. Everything was great. Madera is a stunning place and cabriolet is the best choice for its picturesque roads.”

“Aluguei um Beetle na ilha madeira e foi uma ótima experiência.
A comunicação foi muito boa com os donos, tanto pela App como diretamente.
Recomendo a todos usar este tipo de aplicação, tanto pela facilidade de alugar como pelo preço”

Anthony Figueroa
“Tenho os meus carros para alugar nesta plataforma.
Está a correr lindamente!
É a única plataforma que conheço em Portugal, e está ao nível dos sites que existem noutros países, perfeita !
Segura para os pagamentos e com seguro todos os riscos incluído !”


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