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Age requirements for drivers

How old do I have to be to book a car on Tuuggo?

Trips with a peer-to-peer host

  • To book a trip with a peer-to-peer host, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • Depending on the car, some hosts may require you to have a minimum age and a few years of your driver’s license.

Getting approved to drive 

How do I get approved to drive with Tuuggo?

  • You will have to provide your profile photo, address, driver’s license photo, and payment information before you can make a booking.
  • If your email address was not yet validated when you established your account, we will request that you input and verify that information. We may request more pictures to confirm your identification.

Verifying your account

What additional photos might I need to submit?

  • We might also ask you for a selfie of you holding your driver’s license next to your face.
    This allows us to verify that your license is in fact in your possession.

Getting started guide

Step-by-step on how to rent a car with Tuuggo

  • Create an account on Tuuggo
  • Go to your Account page and submit your driver’s license
  • Wait for verification and approval, which may take at least 24 hours
  • Check your approval status on the Account page
  • Search for a car on Tuuggo using filters such as location, type of vehicle, and pickup/return dates
  • Read the full listing for each vehicle, including any guidelines or instructions from the host
  • Submit a trip request or book immediately 
  • Choose your trip’s start and end dates, and select a pickup and return location
  • Consider discounts that may be available, such as early bird, multi-day, or long-term discounts
  • Decide if you want to add any optional extras
  • Review the full breakdown of costs before booking or submitting your request
  • Note that you can cancel your trip for free up to 24 hours before the booking starting time, according to our cancellation policy.

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