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Getting Paid

Pricing your vehicle

Which price is right for my vehicle?

Tuuggo knows this is a difficult question. Follow these tips:

  1. Make use of Tuuggo’s car daily rental rate calculator.
  2. Understanding market dynamics:
    • Familiarize yourself with the carsharing market in your area to gain insights into prevailing rental rates.
    • Research similar vehicles in your location to get an idea of the pricing range and adjust your rates accordingly.
  3. Factors influencing pricing:
    • Consider several factors that can influence your vehicle’s rental price, such as the make, model, year, condition, mileage, and any unique features it may have.
    • Take into account factors like the desirability of your vehicle, demand in your area, and the availability of similar cars in the market.
  4. Flexibility and seasonality:
    • Consider adjusting your pricing based on seasonal demand or specific events in your area that may impact rental interest.
    • Offering flexible rates, such as discounted prices for longer bookings or special promotions during off-peak periods, can help attract more renters.
  5. Monitoring and adapting:
    • Continuously monitor the performance of your listing and adjust pricing if necessary.
    • Pay attention to booking frequency, guest reviews, and market changes to fine-tune your rates for optimal results.
  6. Competitive advantages:
    • Highlight any unique features or extras your car offers that may justify a slightly higher price point.
    • Communicate the value proposition of your vehicle in the listing description to attract renters who are specifically interested in those features.

Giving discounts

Can I give discounts to my guests?

When you are in the process of listing your car, you can choose to give a certain percentage of discount if your guests book a minimum of days.

As a host, you can set multiple discounts, depending on the minimum of days booked per trip. For example, you can offer a discount of 5% if a guest books a minimum of 5 days. Additionally, you can apply another discount of 10% if a guest books a minimum of 7 days. These discounts are applied to the rental price of your vehicle.

Your take & fees


The host take rate is the portion of the trip price along with other guest fees that hosts earn. The insurance plan you select among those offered will affect your take rate. The take rate percentage and deductible vary depending on the plan.

Getting paid

How to extract my balance from Tuuggo?

To be assumed as a host on our platform, you need to list at least one vehicle. Once you have rented your car, you will have a positive balance in your account. Afterward, if you want to receive your earnings, go to the top part of the homepage of Tuuggo, and click over your username. Then, click on ‘Dashboard’ and then on ‘Request a payout’.

Normally, Stripe confirms and processes payments in three business days.

  • No more than one payout will be made each day.
  • Depending on your bank, they will need an additional three to five business days to validate and handle the payment as a direct deposit once Tuuggo issues payment.
  • We are unable to alter the processing time set by either your bank or our system.

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