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Paying for fuel

Do I have to pay for fuel after I drive the car?

You should always deliver the car to the host with a full fuel tank.
The host is obliged to rent out the car only if the fuel tank is full. When checking in, always confirm in the presence of your host if the fuel tank is full. If it is not, ask the host to do so. If not in the presence of your host, you can fill it up, then contact Tuuggo with proof that:
  – The gas tank was not full (before checking in);
  – Your receipt for refueling.
We will refund you that money by subtracting its value from the host’s earnings.

If a guest returns a car with less fuel than at the start of the trip, they will be automatically charged for the missing fuel and the host will be compensated. The same applies if the fuel tank was not full and the guest did not verify how much fuel the vehicle had at check-in. This is one of the reasons Tuuggo asks all its guests to take photos of the dashboard before checking in and out.

Vehicle use policies

Tuuggo’s no smoking policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all vehicles listed on Tuuggo.

  • This includes, but is not limited to, tobacco products, marijuana, electronic cigarettes, and personal vaporizers.
  • Guests are not allowed to smoke in any car, even if they believe the host or a previous guest may have done so.
  • If a host reports that a guest has left physical evidence of smoking in a car, the customer support team will review the evidence and determine if a smoking violation fee should be charged.
  • If it is determined that smoking did occur, the guest’s account will be closed and they will not be able to appeal this action.

Pet policy

If you bring a pet into a vehicle on Tuuggo that does not allow pets, your account will be closed. It is important to respect the host’s preferences and rules regarding pets in their car. If you need to travel with a pet, be sure to find a vehicle that specifically allows pets. This will ensure that you can continue to use Tuuggo without any issues.

Car usage policy

On Tuuggo, it is important to use the rented vehicle responsibly and in accordance with all laws and regulations. This means that you cannot use the vehicle for any illegal or reckless activities, such as street racing or transportation of illegal merchandise. If you abuse the vehicle in any way, you may be held liable for any fines or other penalties that result from your actions. Additionally, you may be responsible for any damage or repairs needed as a result of your misuse of the vehicle. It is important to treat the rented vehicle with care and respect and to follow all rules and guidelines provided by the host. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable rental experience.

Prohibited activities

Summary of prohibited activities

While using Tuuggo, you are expected to follow all laws and regulations, and to use the rented vehicle responsibly. To ensure a positive experience for both guests and hosts, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Illegal or reckless driving, such as street racing
  • Using the vehicle for any illegal purposes, such as transporting drugs or stolen goods
  • Allowing unauthorized drivers to operate the vehicle
  • Tampering with the vehicle’s odometer or altering its records in any way
  • Using the vehicle to transport hazardous materials or illegal substances
  • Smoking or using any tobacco or tobacco-related products in the vehicle

Cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning policy

At Tuuggo, both hosts and guests have a responsibility to maintain a clean and disinfected vehicle. Hosts are required to provide a clean and disinfected vehicle to guests, and if guests are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicle upon check-in, they have the right to cancel the trip and request a refund.

To report a cleanliness issue, take photos of the vehicle’s condition and contact customer support right away. Tuuggo will either cancel the trip and issue a refund, or help you find a new vehicle. If you are meeting the host in person to check-in, ask them to stay until you have inspected the vehicle’s condition. If you are checking in remotely, inspect the vehicle thoroughly to assess its cleanliness.

Guests are not expected to clean or disinfect the vehicle before returning it to the host. However, if the vehicle is returned in a condition that could only have been caused by irresponsible or abusive behavior, the host can report the issue to Tuuggo. If it is determined that the guest is responsible for the condition of the vehicle, they may be charged a cleaning violation fee. In certain circumstances, Tuuggo may also remove the guest from the platform.

Eligible cleaning issues for which a host can report a violation include biowaste or bodily fluids, spills or waste that requires cleaning in vents or between the door panel and window, major stains or residue that covers a large area of the vehicle’s interior and would require steam cleaning or a full detail, an extreme amount of caked-on mud, dirt, sand, or insects that requires professional-level exterior detailing, and significant amounts of pet hair.

Ineligible cleaning issues for which a host cannot report a violation include small interior messes that can be thrown away, wiped up, or vacuumed (e.g., food wrappers, beverage bottles, sand, dirt, crumbs), exterior dirt, mud, or sand that can be removed by a car wash, water stains, minor food or beverage spills, or sticky substances on the vehicle’s interior or exterior, and unpleasant odors.

Tuuggo also has a separate no smoking policy, which allows hosts to report physical evidence of smoking. If it is determined that a guest or their passengers smoked in the vehicle, Tuuggo will close the guest’s account and they will no longer be able to use the platform.

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