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Tuuggo availability

Where is Tuuggo available?

You can book a trip with a Tuuggo host in Portugal.

Where can you drive?

You can drive anywhere within the country where your trip started.

Driving across borders

You can not cross borders.

Pickup and return

Where can you pick up the car?

You can customize your search to see all available vehicles or vehicles you can pick up in the area specified in your search. Filter results by pickup option after entering an address or point of interest and trip dates.

Make sure to select the right location when booking since some hosts provide pickup at more than one place. After you select a pickup point, we will show you the check-in procedure the host has designated for that particular location.

In certain situations, you might pick up the car in a parking lot where a payment is required before leaving. If so, we insist that the host include that information in the description of their listing. To find out if there is a parking fee associated with pickup and whether you will be responsible for that cost, thoroughly read the listing before making a reservation.

Can I coordinate the pickup with the host?

Of course! In their listing, your host may have provided pickup instructions, so go there for more details.

Use our messaging system to confirm how, where, and when you will meet if it is a face-to-face meeting. After guests have returned the car, hosts are not allowed to ask the guests for a ride home or anywhere else. If your host makes such a request, get in touch with us.

When you get the keys or unlock a remote vehicle, the journey starts. The host’s time spent traveling to meet you is not included. It is your host’s obligation, not yours, to account for the fuel consumed and the distance traveled to drop off the car. When you pick up and return the car, take pictures of the fuel level and odometer reading.

Checking in for a trip

Verify your identity

You need to verify your identity, get the keys, and record the vehicle’s condition as you check in for a journey.
In-person check-in, you must validate your identification with your host to ensure you are the one who made the travel arrangements. This does not apply if you choose contactless check-in, as we have already validated your identity. Present a physical copy of your current, valid license. Hosts can not accept a photo or screenshot of your license or a digital driver’s license.

Document the vehicle’s condition

Make sure the car is in good condition, is safe to drive, is clean, and complies with all regulations (e.g. inspection) before you leave on your trip. Do not check in if the car is unsafe or unclean, and get in touch with us instead.

Use the link you received in your e-mail to take and upload time-stamped pictures, documenting every aspect of the interior and exterior of the car. This is crucial to managing reimbursement requests for post-trip incidentals and protecting oneself in the event of pre-existing damage or cleaning concerns.

Trip photos guide

This guide is useful as a reference to take interior and exterior photos of the vehicle pre- and post-trip to document the car’s condition and protect you from damage claims you are not responsible for.

Take photos and upload them to document the car’s condition and cleanliness pre- and post-trip. Use the link you receive in your booking confirmation mail, which applies a timestamp automatically.

Note: Please make sure to take clear photos in well-illuminated areas. If your car has a rooftop, take photos of it too.

Note: Take pre- and post-trip photos from identical views in order to compare the two easier.

Exterior vehicle photos

Take photos from the following viewpoints. Make sure to include close-ups of any scratches, dents, or other pre-existing damage to the car. 

Interior vehicle photos

Take photos of the car’s interior, including the dashboard (turn on the car to see the odometer and fuel levels), center console, door panels, all seats and all mats, and the sunroof if the car has one. If there are any interior stains, spills, or debris, please photograph them.

Checking out of a trip

Leave the car in good condition

  • Make sure to return the car in a satisfactory condition.
  • Refuel the fuel tank or recharge the battery to the same level as it was during check-in.
  • It is possible that Tuuggo may send you an invoice for the cost of replacing any missing fuel, along with an inconvenience fee.

Parking responsabilities

  • If you are parking on the street, it’s crucial to select a legal and safe spot that will accommodate the car for the next 24 hours.
  • Please be aware that any parking tickets or towing costs incurred within 24 hours after the trip’s end are your responsibility.

Improper return

  • Returning a car negligently or improperly inconveniences the next driver.
  • Instances of improper return or negligence may result in an improper return fee at Tuuggo’s discretion.

Cleaning and general condition

  • While it is not necessary for you to clean or disinfect the car before returning it, it is important to keep Tuuggo’s cleaning policy in mind.
  • If you return the car in a condition that could only be attributed to irresponsible or abusive behavior, your host has the right to report the issue to Tuuggo. This may result in a violation fee, and in extreme cases, it could lead to your removal from the platform and contact with local authorities.

Documenting the vehicle’s condition

  • Take photos that accurately depict the fuel level, mileage, and overall condition of the car, both inside and out.
  • This step is essential to protect yourself in case of any pre-existing damage or issues related to cleanliness or smoking. It will also help manage any reimbursement requests for incidentals that may arise after the trip.

Ending the trip

  • Once you have returned the vehicle, left the keys, and taken and uploaded the necessary photos, your trip is considered complete.

Canceling & Refunds

Cancel your trip

Yet to be written.

Your trip was canceled by your host

If your host cancels your trip, try as soon as possible to rebook a comparable vehicle with another host using the funds from the canceled trip. If you do not make a new reservation within 24 hours, we will start a process to refund you. You can start the refund process sooner if you can not find a suitable alternative or if you decide not to rebook.

If your host requested that you cancel the trip for them, tell them to cancel on their end.

Tuuggo reserves the right to charge you a cancellation fee.

Call us at +351 933 778 811 if your host should have canceled the trip on their end but has not, preventing you from planning a new trip or rebooking.

If you received a cancellation notification but did not cancel the trip yourself or with your host, Tuuggo probably did so due to a verification or validation issue. Tuuggo cancellations take effect right away and automatically result in a full refund. Please contact us if you have any inquiries regarding a trip that Tuuggo canceled.

Your host did not show up or the car you booked is not where it was supposed to be

Follow the following actions if your host or the car is not there for you when you come to pick up the car:

  • Verify the address once more. Verify that you are in the appropriate location. If your host sent you any more details on the whereabouts of the vehicle, please check our chat system.
  • Verify the time once more. Please allow your host a grace period of 60 minutes beyond the scheduled trip start time to arrive if you were early or on time. Additionally, you will be given a 60-minute grace period by your host to arrive at their location. Your host could cancel the trip if you arrive more than 60 minutes after the trip is scheduled to begin and fail to notify them of the delay.
  • Quickly contact your host. Send your host a message through our chat system. If you receive no response, please try calling or texting them. The host’s phone number is displayed when you book a trip.

If you have waited more than 60 minutes after the trip’s scheduled start time and still had no response whatsoever from your host, please call customer service at +351 933 778 811.
We will help you find a new vehicle and cancel the trip without imposing any fees. If we are unable to or you decide not to rebook, we will issue a full refund.


The particulars of your situation will determine the amount and speed of any refund. You will need to give your bank or payment provider extra time to process and return the funds to you when Tuuggo starts a refund.

Refunds for guest-canceled trips

  1. Within the free cancellation period
    • If you cancel within the free cancellation window, which is 24 hours before the start of your journey or one hour after booking if you made your reservation less than 25 hours in advance, we’ll reimburse the entire price.
    • We use the vehicle’s time zone to determine the cancellation period. The free cancellation period is still connected to the original booking time even if you alter your trip in any manner.
  2. Outside of the free cancellation period
    • Depending on the length of your trip, we may partially compensate you if you cancel after the free cancellation period has passed. Your protection plan, any extras, and young driver fees will all always be fully refunded.
    • For trips of two days or less, we will reimburse the trip price and trip fee less than one-half the average cost of one day.
    • For trips lasting more than two days, we will reimburse the trip price and trip fee less the average cost of one day.

Cancellations resulting from unsafe or unclean vehicles

  • If you do not accept the car, do not check-in for the trip, and call us right away. We will refund you fully if the vehicle you booked was not clean.

No-shows and cancellations by hosts

  • Tuuggo will fully reimburse you if your host cancels or fails to show up, or in the unlikely event that Tuuggo must cancel your trip. 

Refunds for trip changes

  • Our system will immediately refund you the difference if your travel adjustment results in a lower price. However, the trip’s price and schedule will not alter if your host ignores or rejects your request.

Refunds from hosts

  • For agreed-upon inconvenience problems or costs, you can ask your host for a compensation or refund. Get your host’s written consent through our chat system to be reimbursed for a certain sum by contacting them. When you get their approval, contact Tuuggo support. When our support team sees the host’s agreement in our chat system, they will use the host’s funds to refund you for the agreed-upon amount. If there is no written consent on our chat system, Tuuggo will be unable to help — you and your host will have to work out the issue between you.

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