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Paying for your trip

Paying for your trip

Payment methods

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when paying for your trip. What you need to know about payment options accepted by Tuuggo, when your trip will be charged, and what to expect in terms of post-trip costs are detailed below.

We offer multiple payment methods to accommodate your preferences:

  • Debit or credit card (through Stripe)
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Note: We are working on implementing MBway as soon as possible.

Trip pricing, cost & fees

Pricing of the vehicles

The daily pricing for the cars is decided by the hosts, who can also set different prices on other dates.

The simplest amount we will charge for your trip is one day, although it can begin and stop whenever you and your host decide. Your host’s pricing for the days you select, the number of additional days, and any other expenses related to trip extensions will all affect the cost of your trip.

Trip fees

The trip fee stands at 15% of the total cost, excluding the cost of insurance and any extras, going towards keeping our platform up and running smoothly for all your future trips. Each and every journey has a trip fee added by Tuuggo at checkout. The final trip charge is determined dynamically, and rest assured, you’ll always have a chance to review it before you finalize your reservation.


Tuuggo requires a protection plan to ensure the safety and financial security of both the car owners and renters. The protection plan provides coverage for damages, accidents, and other unforeseen events that may occur during a rental. By having a protection plan in place, Tuuggo can protect its community members from potential liabilities, ensure fair compensation in case of damage, and provide peace of mind to both car owners and renters. It promotes a sense of trust and accountability within the carsharing ecosystem, allowing users to confidently participate in car sharing knowing they are protected against potential risks. For more information regarding the insurance and protection plans, click here.

Young driver fee

This is the cost we often charge a young driver to account for the increased risk associated with inexperienced drivers. Younger drivers, typically those under a certain age, statistically have higher accident rates. This fee helps cover potential insurance costs and mitigates the higher risk involved when renting a vehicle to a younger driver. It allows Tuuggo to maintain affordable rates for all users while ensuring they can adequately address any potential liabilities.


Refers to the price for any additional conveniences or extras that the host may provide. These may be extras like bicycles, surfboards, or tents, for use on the journey, or prepaid fuelling or limitless mileage. The cost of extras is determined by the hosts.

Post-trip expenses

Receipts for repayment of the cost of fuel replacement, distance overages, tickets, and tolls can be sent by hosts.

The host may report the issue and impose a violation fee if you return a car in a manner that violates Tuuggo’s cleaning policy or no-smoking policy. 

Adding extras

What are extras?

Extras refer to additional services or features that users can add to enhance their trip experience. These extras are optional and come at an additional cost. Here’s a summary of why extras are offered:

  • Convenience: Extras offer convenience by providing additional services or amenities that users may find useful during their trip. For example, a GPS navigation system, and a child car seat can be added to ensure a smoother and safer journey.
  • Personalization: Extras allow users to customize their experience based on their specific needs or preferences. It could include options like a roof rack for carrying sports equipment, tents, surfboards, and others, or a pet-friendly package for traveling with pets.

By offering extras, Tuuggo aims to provide users with a tailored and enhanced experience, catering to their specific requirements and preferences.

Does my protection plan cover extras?

Any protection plan provided by Tuuggo does not apply to extras, and Tuuggo is not liable for what happens to them. Tuuggo is not responsible for any harm that extras or the usage of extras may cause to persons or property. In the event that any extras are lost or damaged, hosts may ask for compensation. If they do, it won’t be through Tuuggo, we won’t be involved, and it will comply with our Terms of Service.

Prohibited extras

Tuuggo forbids hosts from making some extras available. These include food, drinks, drugs, or weapons; the use of rented property; convenience or deposit fees; towing or towing services; and anything that violates the terms of service, prohibited usage, or community guidelines of Tuuggo. On the vehicle page, click “Report this listing” if you notice that a host is promoting any restricted extras.

Promotions and discounts

When a guest books a vacation more than a certain amount of days in advance, some hosts give them a discount. For a journey that is scheduled for or extended for a number of consecutive days, hosts may additionally provide discounts. After their trip is over, some hosts could email their guests a coupon code for a future trip, that can only be used by that specific guest. The decision to offer discounts is left up to the hosts. Tuuggo will display the percentage discount that was applied to the daily rate if your trip qualifies for one. Tuuggo will combine any discounts that apply to your trip — early bird, length, or future trip savings — at the time of checkout.

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