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Getting Started

Listing your car

How do I list my car on Tuuggo?

  • Sign up for an account on Tuuggo
  • Go to the Account page and complete your profile to get approved to use the platform
  • Make sure you meet the age requirements to list a vehicle. Hosts must:
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have a driver’s license
    • Have a valid car insurance
    • Meet legal and insurance standards and requirements
    • Have the car’s inspection up to date
  • Gather the following information to create your listing:
    • License plate number
    • Vehicle make, model, and year
    • Clear, high-resolution photos of your car, including shots of the exterior from all sides, including wheels, and interior
    • A detailed description of your car, including what makes it special and why guests would enjoy using it.

Do not share personal information like your phone number, address, or social media in your listing.

You can not include any mention of fees, deposits, or restrictions not supported by Tuuggo and our Terms of Service.

Listing more than one car

Can I list more than one car on Tuuggo?

Yes, it is totally free to list any car you want!

Verified status

How can I appear as a verified host?

To become a verified host on Tuuggo, you will need to contact the platform and request verification by email at admin@tuuggo.com. In the subject line of the email, you should use “Verified status request”. This will help ensure that your request is quickly and accurately processed.

Featured listings

How can I feature my cars? (Work in progress)

To feature your listing on Tuuggo, you will need to purchase one of the packages available in the shop section of the website.
By purchasing a higher-level package, you will receive more views and bookings for your vehicle.
Keep in mind that you can always upgrade to a higher-level package if you wish to increase the visibility of your listing.

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