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Should I fill up the tank before I rent my car?

Whenever possible, we strongly advise keeping your fuel tank filled. Maintaining a full tank makes it clear to your guests that they should refuel before returning your car and makes it simpler for them to estimate how much fuel to add. Therefore, hosts should always deliver the car to the guest with a full tank.

We are pleased to refund you for the expense of refilling your vehicle if a guest forgets to do so after their trip. If one of your guests returns a car with less fuel than at the start of the trip, they will be automatically charged for the missing fuel and you will be compensated.

Maintenance & Inspection

Maintenance Requirements

Mandatory maintenance: Tuuggo sets conditions for keeping your vehicle in good working order and has measures in place if maintenance standards are not met. Tuuggo requires that you follow the laws and regulations for vehicle safety, condition, and operation in Portugal. Hosts in Portugal are required to undergo a regular vehicle safety inspection and confirm periodical vehicle servicing.

Regular maintenance:

  • As a responsible host, you should regularly maintain your car to ensure it is in good working condition.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections.

Safety checks: 

  • Before each trip, conduct a basic safety check of the vehicle to ensure everything is functioning properly. 
  • Check the tires, lights, brakes, windshield wipers, and other essential components to confirm they are in good condition.

Tuuggo may take the following actions if you fail to properly maintain your vehicle:

  • Charge up to 500€ to hosts in Portugal for maintenance failures, including the 100€ violation fee and 200€ administrative fee if we have to dispatch roadside service due to a maintenance issue.
  • Void your protection if a maintenance issue is the cause of a damage claim.
  • Unlist your vehicle if it has not been properly maintained and cancel booked trips.

Documenting maintenace history

  • Keep a record of maintenance activities, repairs, and inspections performed on the car.
  • This documentation can help track the vehicle’s maintenance history and ensure that all necessary tasks have been completed.
  • When necessary, consult professional mechanics or authorized service centers for complex maintenance or repairs.
  • Ensure that any servicing or repairs are performed by qualified professionals using genuine parts.


In order to rent out your car on Tuuggo, it is necessary to have the inspection of your vehicle updated according to the Portuguese laws. This inspection ensures that your car is in good working order and meets all necessary safety requirements. If you attempt to list your car on Tuuggo without having the inspection up to date, Tuuggo will be obligated to inform the authorities and close your host account. It is important to complete this inspection in order to ensure the safety of all Tuuggo users and to maintain an active account on the platform.

Reporting and addressing issues

  • Promptly address any maintenance or repair issues reported by guests.
  • If a guest identifies a problem during their trip, respond to their concerns and take appropriate action to resolve the issue promptly.
  • Handling emergencies: Communicate with guests about emergency procedures and provide them with any necessary information, such as the location of spare tires, emergency tools, or contact details for roadside assistance services.

Vehicle misrepresentation

Zero tolerance policy

Tuuggo has a zero tolerance policy for vehicle misrepresentation. If a host is found to have intentionally misrepresented their vehicle, Tuuggo will take the following actions:

  • Charge up to 500€ penalty fee to the host
  • Remove the host’s vehicle from the platform
  • Close the host’s account

It is important for hosts to accurately represent their vehicle in order to provide guests with an enjoyable and safe rental experience. Tuuggo will not tolerate any attempts to deceive guests about the condition or features of a vehicle.

Cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning policy

At Tuuggo, both hosts and guests have a responsibility to maintain a clean vehicle. Hosts are required to provide a clean and disinfected vehicle to guests, and if guests are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicle upon check-in, they have the right to cancel the trip and request a refund.

To report a cleanliness issue, take photos of the vehicle’s condition and contact customer support right away. Tuuggo will either cancel the trip and issue a refund, or help you find a new vehicle. If you are meeting the host in person to check-in, ask them to stay until you have inspected the vehicle’s condition. If you are checking in remotely, inspect the vehicle thoroughly to assess its cleanliness.

Guests are not expected to clean or disinfect the vehicle before returning it to the host. However, if the vehicle is returned in a condition that could only have been caused by irresponsible or abusive behavior, the host can report the issue to Tuuggo. If it is determined that the guest is responsible for the condition of the vehicle, they may be charged a cleaning violation fee. In certain circumstances, Tuuggo may also remove the guest from the platform.

Eligible cleaning issues for which a host can report a violation include biowaste or bodily fluids, spills or waste that requires cleaning in vents or between the door panel and window, major stains or residue that covers a large area of the vehicle’s interior and would require steam cleaning or a full detail, an extreme amount of caked-on mud, dirt, sand, or insects that requires professional-level exterior detailing, and significant amounts of pet hair.

Ineligible cleaning issues for which a host cannot report a violation include small interior messes that can be thrown away, wiped up, or vacuumed (e.g., food wrappers, beverage bottles, sand, dirt, crumbs), exterior dirt, mud, or sand that can be removed by a car wash, water stains, minor food or beverage spills, or sticky substances on the vehicle’s interior or exterior, and unpleasant odors.

Tuuggo also has a separate no smoking policy, which allows hosts to report physical evidence of smoking. If it is determined that a guest or their passengers smoked in the vehicle, Tuuggo will close the guest’s account and they will no longer be able to use the platform.

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